The year 1916 was speeding along when Eric Satie composed his Musique d’ameublement and music became a part of the ambiance for the first time.


Music is a Marketing Tool

Music makes any experience more enjoyable, imbuing it with stimuli and positive sensations capable of generating beautiful memories.

But not only that: music has a real and definitive power to make connections between environments and the people who experience them.

Like an instantaneous and efficient common thread, music connects companies, brands, guests, and clients in a continuous cycle of contact, relations, purchases, and brand loyalty.

Thanks to Tailor Music sound design, music can immediately activate the marketing process through conscientious and strategic use of sound.


Emotions and Purchasing Behaviour

Thanks to our extensive know-how, we always create the perfect atmosphere by studying the right alchemy capable of curating memorable client experiences.

Our playlists are tailor-made on demand by listening to and selecting songs one at a time following an attentive analysis of the ethos, objectives, and identity of each brand.

Tailor Music sound design is an effective marketing tool for:

  • lengthening guests’ stays
  • stimulating impulse buys
  • selling more and with greater profit
  • inspiring client return
  • giving clients the ability to listen to your playlist at home to remind them of your brand
  • encouraging word-of-mouth outreach and positive reviews


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Music Professionals

Brand development through music is an extremely complex creative process that we achieve thanks to a team of professionals who know how to translate the sounds and identifying features of a brand into music.

Tailor Music sound design fits perfectly into a structured communications and marketing strategy and helps to define and enhance all of the elements and components of communications:

  • whom we target
  • what we want to get across
  • when, where, how…why

It all starts with analysis and research. Listening to the ambiance, the history of the company, and the client demographics allows us to select the most effective music and, song after song, achieve the perfect playlist.

Music is not only an element of the ambiance, but the key instrument for reinforcing your brand image and fostering client and employee wellbeing.


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