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The Heart Beat agency in Stockholm conducted a study on how and how much music can influence people and consumers

The research investigated if music tends to make us buy more, if it affects our buying choices, and if it can lengthen our stay in the store during the purchasing process.

How, when, where and why play music

As “brand experience” becomes an important factor to differentiate oneself, anyone who opens a business must have certain clear pieces of information

The five key points of research

1) The first aspect regards the importance of music in daily life. The subjects had to choose between ten items. The result shows us that the Internet and cell phones are the only items that people would have difficulty living without; more difficult than sports, movies and periodicals, TV, literature, radio, and art. But how important is this value?

61% of people consider music important or very important. The figure grows to 74% when the results come from younger generations, comprised of people between 16 and 24 years old.

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2) The second aspect reveals that the right music makes people stay longer in a public space. Further, 31% of people return, 21% recommend the company to friends, and 14% agree to buy more. The values grow when considering only respondents between 16 and 24 year old.

When people listen to pleasing music:

Sound Branding

Would you return to a place where the music is enjoyable?Sound Branding

3) The third aspect shows that the right music influences the opinions that consumers have of a brand. The concept refers to the “right music” as a sound that is appropriate to the business profile and, above all, played at the right volume. Of secondary importance is the fact that the music corresponds to the clients’ personal taste, whether it is known or at the top of the charts.

It is important that the volume adjusts according to the background noise. Music at the wrong volume incites anxiety and annoyance because it gets in the way of conversation and makes 44% of interviewees to leave the store; 38% don’t return and purchase less. Even the audio quality influences the perceived quality of service, because if the musicisti noisy and confusing it has an irritating effect.

With these values they were able to prove that it is hugely important to play music, but even more so to curate the quality of selection, manage the quality of diffusion, and pay particular attention to the volume. If it is true that music makes people stay longer, recommend it to friends, return, and buy more, it is then true that if these tricks are used less, sales will fall, clients will stay away and generate a negative word-of-mouth.

Sound BrandingSound Brading

4) Another important aspect is if the investment in the music is insufficient. 24% of people agree. However, most people do not have a specific opinion and responded neither good nor bad. Another 18% don’t take notice or don’t know how to respond. 44% express judgment, favorable or unfavorable. It is obvious that the endeavors worked much more than in previous years. Still, there is plenty more work to invest, because in the near future, even more people will express judgment.

How much did music succeed in creating a positive experience/atmosphere?

Sound Branding

5) The last aspect regards the use of music in the workplace as an element to promote the wellbeing of and improve the social climate between employees. It creates a better atmosphere, it makes employees feel better, and helps them to work more productively. Even in this case, the benefits are notably greater than the costs.

Music played in the workplace makes:

Sound Branding

The research is of Swedish origin, synonymous with guarantee and veracity

No one doubts the results of the research. It remains to be discussed only in the context of reality. The champion representative of this was conducted on the Swedish populace, which differs greatly from ours. Just as the costs and means of obtaining licenses to diffuse the music vary. Probably the relevant values in Italy would change the statistical conclusions.

We are still far from the objective

In our country even today, it is difficult to make people understand the necessity of a focused project that utilizes music mindfully and influentially. Even if in the last few years many things have changed, there are few managements that budget for investing in sound branding, necessary for the right diffusion of ambient music. In reality, few professionals are even capable of advising and optimising the costs and benefits of those investments.

It is not true that the whole world is one country. Sweden, in any ways, is light years ahead of us.

Marco Solforetti

source: sounds like branding

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