Social Media Sound: When Music Evokes Feelings and Memories

Tailor Music

Social Media Sound is a concept that combines the emotional power of sound with the viral power of sharing

The ability to show and share content is one of the premises on which we base our social media marketing strategies.

Every company worth anything today has a social media presence and owns a domain that hosts its website. But how many of these companies mindfully utilize music within their platforms?

Even more than the product or service itself, you are selling the perception of the product or service

Every brand plays music in their physical and virtual spaces, but how many have studied when, where, how, and why to play it?

It’s true that there has always been sound, but today we are inundated with music, sounds, and noises. Everywhere and all the time. It is useless to say that there is an abundance of music, as sometimes, we implore silence.

Imploring silence means not having planned a soundtracking process. It means that the premises on which we base sound branding have not been considered:

  • how music can add value to the modern marketing strategy
  • how we integrate sound branding with the communications and promotional strategies aimed at social media
  • how to intensify the emotional value of sound within new channels of communication
  • what the premises of social media marketing are

Music is feeling

Emotions are immediately and directly invoked when we talk about music. If used well, the power of sound becomes an important instrument in a modern social media marketing strategy. The idea of viral sharing amplifies the emotional potential. To remind a guest or client of their positive experience gives them the ability to once more experience fragments of their story:

who would not want to relive moments from their dream holiday, remembering those feelings while listening to music?

Social Media Sound

If up until a few years ago, brands invested thousands of euros printing their brand compilations, (which, in some cases, are still valid instruments of promotion and communication precisely because they are “physical”), today it is possible to optimise the concept of:

bringing the values of a brand outside of its physical structure. People can choose when, where, and how to follow a brand on social media and stir up their own memories.

A story to remember

Communications experts have a new instrument at their disposal. A message filled with feeling. A gift to listen to, that has been dedicated to its own audience.

The creation, publication, and sharing of an exclusive brand playlist can help to promote an event, reinforce publicity campaigns, add value to mailing lists, stimulate calls to action…follow guests and clients outside of the physical structure, thrilling them with every listen.

It is no longer possible to promote services, sell products, or improve your image without staying on top of emotions…let’s speak to people, not to consumers!

Marco Solforetti