Social Media Sound: When Music Becomes Social Media Marketing

Tailor Music

Che cos’ è il Social Media Sound ?

Social Media Sound is an instrument of sound branding that takes advantage of the evocative power of sounds and the viral possibilities of social media. Innovative, modern, fast, and extremely powerful, it perfectly integrates with your brand’s existing strategies of social media marketing, communication, and promotion.

Every company worth anything today has a social media presence and owns a domain that hosts its website. But how many of these companies mindfully utilize music? How many produce “value” with sound?

Even more than the product or service itself, you are selling the feeling of the product or service

The fixed objective is to intensify the emotional value of sound through new channels of communication. Through music, we can evoke old memories and create new ones.

The concept of creating value is fundamental in social media settings:

  • it promotes themed events, favoring their communication and sharing
  • it adds value and incites a call-to-action in a lead generation campaign, Facebook ad, or mailing list
  • it supplements the brand compilation by following guests and clients outside of the physical structure of the hotel, store, or gallery

Why is Social Media Sound useful for both small and large businesses?

Emotion is an mental state that we involve directly whenever we talk about music. The power of sound becomes an important instrument in a modern social media marketing strategy, as long as it is employed mindfully and correctly.

When is it useful?

Remembering moments and experiences gives guests and clients the ability to recall fragments of their own story: who would not want to relive their dream holiday, remembering those feelings while listening to music?

What channels should we utilize?

The concept of viral sharing amplifies the emotional quality.

Bringing emotional moments outside of the hotel or sales structure amplifies the perceived value of the brand, reinforcing the image and identity. People can follow the brand on social media. They can choose for themselves when, where, and how to relive moments and memories.

How can we begin a Social Media Sound project?

First, we must identify the values which must be translated into the language of sound and music. After that, we must ask ourselves what we wish to convey and do an in-depth analysis of our objectives:

  • promote an event?
  • promote a social media page?
  • reach new fans with Facebook ads?
  • contact existing clients on the mailing list?

Or perhaps we wish to encourage all of our clients to continue to follow us as soon as they leave the point of sale or hotel building?

Who are the right professionals to call?

Communication experts have a new tool at their disposal.

A professional will create the foundation on which he will build a fully suggestive message. A gift to listen to, dedicated to your audience, an emotional souvenir.

A professional who creates “ad hoc” playlists exclusively for your brand.

Only under these circumstances can the publication promote sharing and, in fact, help event promotion, reach new clients, reinforce publicity campaigns, add value to mailing lists, invoke a “call to action…” they follow guests and clients, thrilling them with every listen.

It is no longer possible to sell products and services without playing into emotions.
Let’s talk to people, not to consumers.

Marco Solforetti