We select music by listening to one track at a time. Song after song, we create the perfect atmosphere for the wellbeing of your clients, your staff, and you.


One Track at at Time

We do not use mass-produced or run-of-the-mill playlists.

We are the only company who creates “tailor-made” playlists, selecting music one track at a time, step by step, as if crafting a musical mosaic. Each playlist is curated according to the specific nuances of your location.

This process works thanks to your continuous feedback and, most of all, thanks to our process of on-site listening within your building.

It is a step that many companies neglect, but that we hold as a central tenet. To an expert ear, every space immediately discloses the auditory elements that make it unique and that characterize it according to specific criteria.

Tailor Music


Tailor Music
We Create the Perfect Playlist
  • Your brand represents the coming-together of your values, your story, and your objectives.
    Does your music tell that story, give it value and nourish it?

  • La storia del tuo brand deve entrare in connessione e risuonare con la storia del tuo cliente. 
    Do your tracks work to establish that necessary connection between your brand and your clients?

  • Think about the spaces within your business.
    Is the auditory component in sync with the atmosphere? Does it respect your brand identity or does it detract from it?

  • Imagine your clients’ experience.
    Is the sound environment effective, and does it respect your brand’s needs?

  • Your clients may ask for information about one of your songs to learn where they can listen to it again outside of your business.
    How much do you use music professionally and strategically to maintain a connection with your clients once they have gone home?


Based on Our Encounter with Your Story, We Curate a Tailor-Made Audio Outfit Just for You

We listen to your story and share it with your clients, producing a tailor-made audio outfit just for you.

We begin with attentive study of your brand, past and present, and your values, mission, targets, and objectives so we can create a playlist that resounds harmoniously in your environment.

Tailor Music sound design combines creativity and effectiveness to satisfy your company’s needs.

Creating the perfect, memorable atmosphere promotes purchasing, longer customer stays, product consumption, and brand loyalty.

We respect your brand identity and care for your clients and guests. Their wellbeing is the key to your success.


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Tailor Music
With the Utmost Attention and Care for Your Clients

The elegance and richness of attention to detail which comprise our sound design have been chosen to characterize some of the most exclusive locales in Europe.

Since 2012, we have worked with Four Seasons Florence, named by Forbes as one of the World’s Best Hotels in 2016.

Since 2017, we have worked with the historic George V in Paris and the new Four Seasons Megève.

These are two resorts that are emblematic of universal excellence in the world of luxury hotels, two entities of historic prestige who chose to innovate their elegance with the help of Tailor Music sound design.

In every job we do, starting with an analysis of your environment and your clientele, we transform music into a marketing tool and pave the way for a sound design strategy capable of defining and achieving the marketing and communicating objectives essential to your business.

All of this is within the perfect playlist.


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