Music for Restaurants: How to Make Your Clients Come Back

Music for restaurants: how does music encourage clients to return?

In contrast to the previous articles on the subject of music for restaurants, thiis reflection is not based on academic researchas no relevant studies exist and it is rich with empirical evidence and personal considerations.

Let’s start with a question:

  • how many restaurant managers carefully collect emails and social media contacts from their clients?

Through several studies, direct and indirect, I have observed that the activity of collecting email addresses and social media information within restaurants is rather rare. And this is a grave error. Firstly, because it is a free activity that requires only a small sacrifice while you drop off the check; secondly, because the creation of a client database allows them to follow you online anywhere and any time, like a modern form of customer loyalty.

Look out for spam

Let’s work with the assumption that:

  • I am against spam, the forced sharing of emails and promotional messages of any kind and in any form, that invade people’s business and personal lives;
  • I am in favor of receiving valuable content that stimulates curiosity, involves people emotionally, or that builds understanding of a given sector or subject.

For example, if I receive a message from Wind regarding a new Galaxy phone they are selling, or worse, if i receive a phone call from an agent at Fastweb, Eni, or other groups that try to convince me to change providers, I am not at all happy.

If instead, I receive a message with a specific article that has value or a video that is full of interesting points, it would be difficult for me to let it slip by. The fact is, content that interests me may not interest someone else.

And here’s the best part

There are some cases in which given content manages to step over the threshold of skepticism and is actually emotionally stimulating. Those kinds of content are the basis for a process called Social Media Sound, which I elaborated on after having received a Masters degree in Social Media Marketing (thanks to SQcuola di Blog) that illuminated me as to the potential of integrating an emotional element of sound branding into the social media marketing strategy, which takes advantage of viral sharing, immediate use, full control, and monitoring.

Social Media Sound is an instrument of sound branding that takes advantage of the viral capabilities of social media and integrates with a marketing strategy. Innovative, modern, fast, and extremely powerful.

Social Media Sound

To better understand, we need to pose another question:

  • How many managers consider music an integral part of their marketing and online communication strategy?

Often, the function of music is not entirely clear, but left to its own devices or to the mercy of people far from being professionals. As a consequence, there are no goals to attain nor strategies to refer to.

How should we use this little treasure?

We admit that most clients, while waiting for their check or receipt, leave us their email or connect with us on Facebook, Let’s also take, as a necessary and fundamental condition, that the music during the meal was impeccable, fulfilled with a sound strategy and not left to its own devices.

Yes, you understand

We are little by little beginning to understand how to use emails and social media connections in a way that is far from spam and that always results in positive feedback.It is fundamental to let clients know, when asking for their information, that their inbox will not be hounded with offers and deals, but that providing their information will allow you to gift to them sentimental moments that remind them of the experience they lived in your restaurant.

Feeling = Memory = Dream = Return

In the case of a restaurant, our guests can listen back to an excerpt of music that had accompanied them during their stay, encouraging them to have a memory of that experience and the desire to relive it.

They can listen back to that moment anywhere at any time, and share it with their friends

It is clear that everything revolves around music. Music must be well defined, consistent with your brand’s values, and perfectly in tune with the atmosphere that breathes in the environment.

I will not even bring into this discussion the quality of food and service. Quality is another necessary condition, but again, not sufficient to create the perfect experience for your clients.

In the previous articleswe explored how the playback volume, the rhythm, and the genre have a powerful influence on client behavior and all that happens in the restaurant.

Social Media Sound takes effect from the moment the client leaves the restaurant and is a system for following them, reminding them- with the evocative power of music- of their experience.

The methods of achieving this goal are simple and take advantage of the platforms dedicated to music streaming and technology that has become a part of our daily life.

For example, Spotify and Mixcloud offer numerous starting points for creating tailor-made sentimental moments, personalizing them over and over according to your graphic needs and the content you share; Facebook is still naturally the strongest social media network for sharing, but Pinterest also offers an interesting platform for creating windows of valuable content.

It is the sound designer’s job to determine the objectives and then to study tailor-made strategies to attain the desired results.

Marco Solforetti