Applied Music Therapy

We would not be fully utilizing the acoustic universe if we used it only for making sales environments pleasant and functional.

If it is demonstrated that the right musical sound can support one’s wellbeing, bringing added value to any activity, this principle should also be applied to the workplace.

Our methodology, based on rigorous study of cognitive anthropology and applied music therapy, offers an effective approach to the construction of a positive, enjoyable, useful, and beneficial workplace soundscape.

Tailor Music


Tailor Music
Motivate Your Team

Our playlists promote productivity, active participation and motivation, self-confidence, and a sense of wellbeing.

It will benefit not only the company climate, work capacity, team environment, and loyalty among collaborators, but also your brand image.

Following our tailor-made strategies and using our playlists, you can:

  • Promote the wellbeing of the workplace, leading to increased productivity
  • Promote positive relationship dynamics within your team, thanks to the emotional drive that music enables
  • Promote work productivity on multiple levels: from loyalty to time management and from self-confidence to teamwork
  • Boost the sense of belonging to the company identity on the part of its collaborators


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Company Culture is a Behaviour: Let’s Cultivate it Together

Every environment has its own energy, vibes, and mood, which can change over the course of time. Our personalized and focused interventions and our strategic and expert use of music and sounds capable of interacting with the ever-changing state of the workplace can bring out the greatest potential in terms of wellbeing and positive presence.

It does not have to do with manipulating behaviours or actions, but with promoting the affirmation of individuals’ and groups’ positive qualities. It has to do with creating an ad hoc atmosphere capable of promoting positive team alchemy and gratifying individual states of being. Working on emotional and sensory experiences leads to results you can appreciate in terms of attitude, self-awareness, focus, and attention to detail.


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Tailor Music