Four Seasons: Background Music in the Garden of Wellbeing

Tailor Music

Four Seasons is synonymous with excellence

It is not easy to wake up at 8 am after having gone to bed at 6. Sometimes I miss work, other times there are too many responsibilities, each equally important, that come at me all at once. The alarm sounds after two hours, two miserable hours of sleep. I wake up with a start, already thinking of the evening, the moment in which I envision returning to the same position, happily enslaved by my bed. When work calls, I must be ready and prepare to do my best. And when the call comes from the Four Seasons, the stakes are even higher.

Do you remember Mr. Wolf from Pulp Fiction?

Having Arcangelo nearby always brings me a certain peace of mind. Quick, punctual, efficient. I call him Mr. Wolf, the character in Pulp Fiction who manages to solve a rather absurd problem. I can’t leave him behind. He is much taller than me and he walks quickly…I have given up on chasing him. He always arrives first and, above all, does not wait. I just have to worry about the music, and he’ll take care of the rest.

Four Seasons hosts “The Garden of Wellbeing”

The Garden of Wellbeing is an open day for the body and mind to be immersed in the splendid garden of Gherardesca, which has been specially arranged for the occasion, for guests and external clients. Fitness, beauty, and seminars comprise a day dedicated to the teaching of relaxation, to taking care of people and disseminating information.

Music for an event like this is fundamentally important

We added a soundtrack to the event by dividing the Garden into designated zones. Various listening points were set up to welcome the visitors. A true installation of tailor-made sound, where the environmental music, diffused in the greenery, became an integral part of the concept of wellbeingAn art exhibit enriched the event with creative substance, with visionary sculptures that sparked the imagination of everyone present.

When music becomes a true carpet of sound, the alchemy of the sounds accompanies the guests every step of the way

The objective I posed for myself involved five independent and connected sources, using the principle of neuronal connections. One point of listening bordered another. When leaving one zone, you would begin to hear the other. The blend of these sounds permitted people to pass along the various environments, listening to the mixture of similar but different music. While in one zone we played minimally rhythmic music, in neighboring zones harmonies vibrated without rhythm. And vice-versa.


Colors, smells, sounds

The atmosphere was enchanting. It was a pleasure to move among the green. To people-watch. Some were tense and some walked, relaxed. Big and small, curious and appeased, everyone made the most of this day of wellbeing.

Carlo Collodi spoke about the country of toys, a sweet metaphor, visionary, surreal…that was “The Garden of Wellbeing,” a reality in the heart of Florence.

Marco Solforetti

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