Can music influence the flavor of wine?

Does French music = French wine? Adrian North is one of my favorite researchers. In his experiments he combines genius and practicality. It is not easy to study the influence of music on wine. In 1993, he undertook a study in a wine bar, revealing the different purchases of various clients when listening to classical […]

Tailor Music

Sound Design and Ambient Music, New Tools for Hotels

I am comfortably seated in the splendid Atrium Bar of the Four Seasons in Florence Up until now, for about two years, the music selection in the “living room” of the Four Seasons was comprised of classic jazz tracks, sung and played covers of famous songs. While I write now, a pleasant musical background flows […]

The 10 Rules of Sound Branding

Depicting a brand’s sound requires professionals capable of transferring a brand identity to sound. Sound branding constructs the sound identity of a brand. It can shape the emotional experience associated with a brand, defining its values and maintaining its memory. It is a medium to excite, involve, convince…it is a powerful instrument of communication to […]

Brand Compilation as a Marketing Tool

When no one buys classical or traditional music anymore, brand compilation comes to assume strong emotional significance Communication in general, comprised of sound, is crossing a period of major revolution thanks to the digitization of audio content and the ease with which it circulates on the internet.  If this content was once sold in a […]

Tailor Music

The New Instruments of Sound Branding

“Physical” CDs or “virtual” playlists? In the previous article, we saw compilations as instruments of sound branding. In a time when physical formats are disappearing, the packaging and the possibility of touching something with your hands creates a strong sentimental value to evoke memories and splendour. However, this kind of marketing tool has some fixed costs and […]

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What Does Your Brand Sound Like?

The sound in principle Sound gave life to notes and words, which made the rules of verbal and musical language. Without “verbs,” sounds and gestures were the only way to communicate, a primitive code with which the human race evolved. The prestigious Encyclopedia Treccani defines communication: Render common, convey, teach, divulge, take note; make a […]

Tailor Music

Sound Branding and Ambient Music

The Heart Beat agency in Stockholm conducted a study on how and how much music can influence people and consumers The research investigated if music tends to make us buy more, if it affects our buying choices, and if it can lengthen our stay in the store during the purchasing process. How, when, where and […]

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