Ambient Music at the 2015 Salone del Mobile (Furniture and Design Expo) in Milan

salone del mobile di milano 2015

The image is of an unmade bed, beautiful to see but devoid of people

This is how I lived during the entire Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2015. I am not an architect or an interior designer. I work with emotions and I know how to create them. Where they come from, what sparks them, how they change.

For many years, this event in Milan has been an occasion to take note of the new trends and innovations in design. The booths present beautiful and thoughtful objects. Elegant, luxurious, but passe and repeated in many booths. It seems like the expo never ends. But it also seems like it’s always the same.

The 2015 event didn’t seem destined to leave a lasting impression

Maybe because everyone gets ready at the expo. Maybe because it becomes more and more difficult to find original alternatives. Unpublished solutions.

The real innovation is notable only in two booths dedicated to light. A light that moves people, burns, furnishes, confounds…resonates. It interprets and fully understands the relationship between material and immaterial.

salone del mobile di milano 2015

The press office says that this year’s trend is storytelling

Many booths thought about the possibility of bringing to life and sharing experiences:

…visual artists and contemporary artists have become storytellers. They create atmospheres, tell stories, stimulate imaginary scenarios that send people to places, lifestyles, lived experiences and experiences to come…

In reality, one cannot conceptualize the ambiance as a place of unique experiences, already full of emotional value.

How can we think of an ambiance filled with noise but deprived of sound?

Visitors shouting on the telephone, ringtones ringing blaringly, daytime clamours. The success of a good event can always depend on the music, but in this case we are far from the ultimate goal. We must embark on the long journey to approach conscientious use of harmonious and beneficial sounds and vibrations so that they may carry us. Music and light are comprised of particles, waves, vibrations.

Music is notably absent from the event

Instead of being conceptualized as a value, a modern language, an innovative instrument for storytelling, the sound exposition is missing both from the classic furniture stands and the modern-design booths. You could hear a hint of sound in the “extraluce” room, but it is one beam of light in an event otherwise dark without sound. Gloomy and opaque with silence, broken every so often by noises from the squawking crowd.

Untitled design (7)

If the way of transmitting light has changed profoundly, it has not for sound

There would be many existing technologies that, like the light, define the space with physical forms and emotional vibrations. To live in daily life or to gather guests and clients in a receptive and professional environment. However, that technology is excluded both from the expo and the design. A true sin, emotionally speaking.

Unesco proclaimed 2015 to be the “International Year of Light” and, in fact, light plays the role of the protagonist. We hope that soon, they will declare the “International Year of Sound”…maybe they will, and we will be glad to hear it.

Marco Solforetti